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Do you have questions regarding our employee monitoring software, NetVizor? See below for our most common questions asked.

1. What versions of Windows does NetVizor support?

NetVizor works on Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista.

2. Can NetVizor monitor ALL users on my network from one location?

Yes, that is the purpose of NetVizor. Once NetVizor is installed on each client on your network, you can view each PC from your central log viewer on your PC. As long as you are on the same subnet as the other PC's, you can view them with no problem!

3. What if users use multiple machines during the day?

Not a problem. NetVizor can be setup to log roving users as well. Please, to NetVizor's documentation for setting this up - it is very simple to do, and it allows you to view individual users, no matter what PC they use on your network.

4. Some of my PC's are not showing up in the network list.

Make sure they are on the same subnet as the PC's you are trying to view. Also make sure that file/print sharing is enabled on the PC you are trying to view, as this is needed for the centralized viewer to 'find' the PC's on your network.

You can also use the "IP Configuration" feature to add IP's to the viewer automatically.

5. How do I install NetVizor over my network from one location?

Please refer to NetVizor's help documentation - this is explained in detail.

6. The client is installed, but I cannot view it when I try accessing it?

First, make sure the client is running and is active(monitoring). You can verify this by entering in your browser when you are on PC you are trying to access. If it is indeed running, but you cannot view it remotely through your browser then try setting a customized port for it. (in the General settings in the client). You will need to access the machine with http://IP:PORT. If this STILL does not work make sure you do not have IIS running, as this has been known to conflict with software, like NetVizor.

7. Unwanted computers are showing up in the network list.

You can disable the "Enumerate Network" feature in the viewer options to stop NetVizor from auto-scanning your network. After that you can configure the "IP Configuration" list to have NetVizor scan and load only the computers you want.

8. How do I generate daily activity reports?

When logged in to a workstation through NetVizor's web interface select "Reports Generator" from the actions list. From there you can generate reports for all users (or a specific user) on a specific date (or all dates). Once a report is generated you can save each report for later viewing/printing

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